Green Fountain Inn

On a snowy winter day, I headed over to Waupaca, Wisconsin, for a photo shoot at the beautiful Green Fountain Inn.

 I love bed and breakfasts: the entire vibe, the food, the history. This one was no exception!

The bedrooms were all so unique and interesting- I wish I was staying the night!

Part of my excitement in this place was that they are known for both their baked goods and their tea. I love both, and I especially love shooting baked goods.

Cindy, the owner, was such a delight. She even fed me creme brûlée for breakfast! 

I’m such a spoiled girl. At least I know it! Cindy boxed up a  scone with lemon curd and some hot soup for me to take home. Thanks for your hospitality, Cindy!

It was an action-packed week, from a visit to my favorite frozen yogurt place and being literally picked up by a retired Packer player…

…to a snowy run with Carmel on Rib Mountain…

…to a cozy gift for Abbie from our clients, Lindsey and Derek (remember their wedding?)…

…and dressing to the nines for Sunday church.

I topped off the week with a short shoot at The Sky Club, featuring their old fashioneds. I feel like every supper club in Wisconsin features their old fashioneds, but that is okay with me. :) Whether you like it with whiskey or brandy, sweet or sour, Wisconsin is the place to be.

Up next? An adventure in Madison, and spring fever sets in.

Miles this year: 66

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PJ’s and SentryWorld

I was such a lucky girl- I was invited to the new restaurant inside the SentryWorld complex- PJ’s.
They are known for their Bloody Mary, and I made sure to feature that…

The restaurant has a really unique design- the facility just screams, “Wisconsin!”





The general manager, Mike, offered to give me a tour. I’ve shot weddings in SentryWorld before, but not after their remodeling. This building is just beautiful.



I loved visiting this place. Maybe I should take up golf!
In the meantime, I’m working on my skiing. I got a ski waxing lesson from the awesome folks at the Hostel Shoppe, and I’m on my way to enjoying our Wisconsin winter!

It’s been pretty cold, but I get Abbie out for a few miles when it’s warm enough. :)

We’ve also been battling our dry winter air with the best humidifier- home brewing!



As always, more adventures to come. Thanks for reading!

Miles this year: 63

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Ringing in the new year…

We spent the end of December enjoying our time with family and friends, including the Zencka family. The three boys came home for Christmas, so mom, Susan, hired us to capture their family.


Good looking boys and cute pups. What could be better? :)
Our celebrations for New Year’s Eve were in the Twin Cities with some of our college Delta Omicron friends. We started with dinner to celebrate Amanda’s birthday…

It was a rowdy party!

We actually woke up pretty early on January 1st, and we headed over to the Mall of America to see my brother and sister-in-law and the kiddos!

We took Teeny to Build-A-Bear for her birthday, and I soaked up the snuggles.


We started 2015 full of hope, planning new things, and needing a nap!

Miles this year: 60

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A December mix…

As soon as I got home from that trip, I geared up for a busy week. I volunteered my services to the Central Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra Program for their inaugural concert. The kids were wonderful, and I loved seeing the college students bonding with the kids within their sections.



We also took a little time to capture a photo for our Christmas card. :)

We had a week or so with this crazy fog, so we took full advantage of that. :) Abbie was a trooper for the shoot!



Christmas was a kind of a blur. We were lucky enough to have seven family Christmas celebrations! Since I’m late in blogging about it, I’m going to skip telling you about all the driving and wrapping and cooking, and sum it up in that we are really lucky and feel blessed to have our family and friends.
Oh, but I will share a couple pictures from my travels…
The Chicago Chamber Choir concert, that I attended with my Aunt Colleen and Steve, and my great aunt Eileen…



A run along the lakeshore…



An awesome Christmas morning run with my loves, crazy warm weather, caterpillars (in DECEMBER!), core work with Abbie as my med ball, and Christmas pancakes…





What it means to be a seasonally decorated Packer fan…

Long lost friends from London…

Amanda’s birthday in Minneapolis…

And pretty typical cold weather returned.

That’s all for now, friends. :)

Miles this year: 45

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Oregon + Washington

It was a cold, dark morning, and it had been snowing all night. I needed to leave my house at 1:00 in order to get to Milwaukee in time to make my 5:45 flight. I bundled up in a long flannel shirt of Brian’s, a pair of leggings, and a cozy scarf.
Unfortunately, the roads were terrible at 1:00. We’d had freezing rain prior to the snow, and the snow plows hadn’t gone through yet. I left at 1:00, and arrived at the airport at 5:00, a bundle of nerves. I parked and anxiously waited for the shuttle to take me to the terminal, where I sprinted to the counter to check my luggage. I checked in for my flight at 5:14, one minute before the deadline, and the kind lady behind the Southwest counter informed me that they couldn’t guarantee my luggage would make the plane, but that I might make it if I hurried. Luckily, the security lines were short, and I made it just in time for B boarding. The flight was only half full, so I had a lot of space to stretch out and nap on the first half of my trip.
The flights themselves were uneventful, and before I knew it, I had landed in Seattle. I know I’m in for a good trip when there are fish in the floor of the airport. (That was my giveaway in Reno, too!)

I picked up my rental car, met Rosendo and Debbie for a quick lunch by the airport, then headed down to Oregon.

It had rained a ton in the week prior to my trip, and the rivers were all running pretty high. I was nervous about fishing by myself in high water when I don’t know the streams, so I opted to hike, instead.
I started with a trail run, but eventually did some climbing and found myself somewhere amazing…







Spencer Butte park in Eugene, OR. Awesome. It was crazy windy up on top, and the entire experience took my breath away. I found a guy up there, doing yoga on a flat part of a huge boulder. He was awesome, we chatted, and he took those pictures of me.
It was so beautiful in that area that I came back later without my running gear so I could take some non-iPhone photos. ;)



I was lucky enough to stay with my friend, Kyle, when I was out there, and his new pup, Sawyer.

Isn’t she a sweetie? We went out for dinner the evening I was down there, and I called up my friend, Shannon. I knew she lived somewhere near Corvallis or Eugene, and I knew it was short notice, but I wanted to see if she was around. Sure enough…

Reunited! :) it was great to catch up with you, Shan.
The next day, I made the drive up to Tacoma to meet with Rochelle- a TU staffer who I worked with extensively to create the STREAM girls program. We had lunch, then laughed and read through some Girl Scout materials to update our program. :)

Tacoma was awesome- it was a little university-culture-meets-water-culture.


I made it up to Seattle in time for dinner with Ro, my TU friend Debbie, and her husband. I don’t have a good picture of us to share, but we had a great time catching up! :) <3 you, Debbie. Thanks for all the awesome work you do for TU and all the support you've given me!
Ro and I got ready for our fishing adventure for the next couple days, complete with a trip to bass pro shops to get a fishing license.

I loved that huge aquarium!
So. A couple things. I caught some giant steelhead. I’ve never caught one before! This was also my first time (since being a little girl, bluegill fishing with my grammie and Grampie) fishing with anything other than a fly rod. I had to learn a new skill!


I caught fish. Ro caught fish.

I caught a BIG fish.

It turns out that I don’t like killing the fish. Our guide did it for me, but I just didn’t like that part. Don’t judge, but I shed a tear when the first one died. Being hatchery fish, and fishing near the hatchery, I know these guys were probably going to die anyway, but I still didn’t like it.
It was a good lesson to learn, though- I guess I prefer wild fish and putting them back. I don’t know how I will reconcile that preference with my taste for fish, but I’ll work it out… I brought home four steelhead worth of fish filets. It was delicious. Food for the long Wisconsin winter! ;)







We stayed in an awesome fish-themed cabin run by a sweet elderly couple. After a long, cold, windy, rainy day in the boat, all I wanted was a hot shower. Too bad that a big storm came through and knocked out our power. What an adventure! No power for a day and a half, big fish, and life lessons. It was almost too good to be true.
Rosendo was an incredible host- he showed me a good time and we laughed a lot! Thanks for everything, Ro. :)
We headed back to Seattle for my last night, and I met up with my aunt, Mary Pat, and my cousin, Rory. We had dinner and talked for hours!
Mary Pat took me to see the Christmas Ships at the park near their house- it was amazing! We walked down to the beach (kids were making sand angels instead of snow angels!), waited for these lit-up ships to float by, and they had a choir aboard, singing Christmas carols!

The whole thing felt very Seattle. Thank you for the fun, dear Seattle family! :)
I was anxious to return home, so I was relieved when returning my rental car was a piece of cake, and my flights were uneventful. Before I knew it, Milwaukee Int’l Airport was welcoming me home with live music. Hooray!

I made it to Wisconsin in the early afternoon, and headed straight up to Manitowoc to celebrate the baby shower of my college friend, Mo. Our Delta Omicron family was there, and we had a wonderful time!

I love you, friends. <3





I met Brian at the shower, and we drove home together. He was a safe driver, and held my hand while I slept soundly in the car on the way home. <3
Thanks for reading, friends. I'm always looking for an adventure!

Miles this year: 35


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Singing + playing in the snow

I was offered the opportunity to sing with the Central Wisconsin Master Chorale.


We sang Bach’s Magnificat and a few other beautiful Christmas pieces in a three-concert series.

I had a busy concert weekend, including a shoot with these cuties.

Katrina and Jed brought their new puppy, Stitch, out to play with us in the snow for their Christmas photo session.



Brian makes the best model for me to test my settings on. <3

This was also the weekend of the Frostbite- a 5- and 10- mile race here in town. Winter weather is always unpredictable here in Wisconsin, but this year was beautiful. Brian ran with me, so we did the five mile race, and we had a great time!

It’s a partial out-and-back course that basically loops around our neighborhood. I’ve run parts of the course hundreds of times. We finished this year in 45:41, then came home for lunch and hot coffee. :)
Sunday morning, I had brunch at the Wooden Chair with my cousins…

Love these girls.
Right after brunch, I sang in our last chorale concert, then skipped over to shoot the CWSO concert- specifically, the blue guitar.

Luthier John Currier, of Currier Guitars, designed and built this beauty. The DC jazz sextet Chaise Lounge came to Wisconsin to debut a commissioned Christmas concert. It was a treat for my ears and my lens. Wonderful work, John, and thanks for the tunes, Chaise Lounge!








I left at intermission and sped home to finish packing- my flight to the Pacific Northwest left at 5 am Monday. That adventure is next- a storm, a couple monster steelhead, and a couple reunions. :)

Miles this year: 35

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Winter photo projects

Winter projects are some of my favorites, as I take more risks. I have a little more time to learn and experiment when the weather is cold. :) I haven’t done much work with paintings before, other than a couple gallery shoots. This beauty was taken for the cover of a client’s book that will be released soon. :)

I also worked on a special project for an author and fly tyer… Take a peek at this fly! I love it when my interests collide for work.

This little cutie turned one, and his parents wanted to play in the snow with me!

We were in the middle of a crazy snowstorm, but these guys were too much fun.





Thank you for braving the snow, Rumberg family! I had a blast. :)
That’s all for now :) Thanks for reading!

Miles this year: 5.5 (I hope it warms up to above zero soon so I can get back to running!)

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